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What’s Personality Got to Do With It!

This exciting, insightful, and highly engaging team building session integrates the use of temperament, interaction styles, and personality type dynamics to help team members increase understanding of themselves in relation to each other and develop personal and team commitments designed to:

  • Build greater team cohesion
  • Identify and eliminate behaviors that negatively impact team dynamics
  • Increase behaviors that increase team synergy and productivity
  • Foster greater trust, cooperation, and improved communication among team members
  • Position team leaders to better inspire, influence, and achieve desired results
  • Foster a quality workplace culture conducive for maximizing individual and team potential!

Sessions are designed for tact groups/teams of 2 or more people. Initial consultation provided at no cost.

Full-day Session (4-8 hrs): $3,500 plus $10 per participant*
Half-day Session (2-3.5 hrs): $1,850 plus $10 per participant*

* for instructional support materials

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Dr. Sheryl White

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