Developing a Winning Culture for Respectful, Inclusive, and Productive Engagement


This workshop teaches participants how to foster a culture of respect, accountability, and honor. It aims to add to solutions that are being put forth to address increased incidents of unethical dilemmas, uncooperative dispositions, rudeness, and violence that have become all too common in our workplaces, schools, and communities. This course is designed to educate and inspire participants to be more mindful of and committed to demonstrating and fostering behaviors consistent with the following objectives:



Healthy Mindset: Adhering to personal and professional ethics


Healthy Heart and Relationships: Courteous and gracious engagement. Effective conflict management and de-escalation of potentially volatile situations


Healthy Families, Schools, Workplaces, and Communities: Self-management and being a productive person who refrains from harming self and others


Noble Intentions: Purposely striving to make a positive impact for the greater good and betterment of humanity


Integrity and protection of one’s personal reputation and corporate (group) brand

Less undermining, rude, harmful, excessive force, and deadly situations. More hopeful, trusting, and cooperative interactions yielding greater positive energy, more effective communication, and increased creativity, solution generation, productivity, and prosperity

Cultivation of a culture where people demonstrate more initiative and accept responsibility to “pull their own weight”/contribute fairly, know their own limits, take care of their self appropriately, and not impede beneficial efforts of or be detrimental to others

Vibrant and sustainable earth, families, businesses, schools, and communities for generations to come


Dr. Sheryl White is one of the nation’s leading consulting cultural psychologist and organization development specialist. She is the Vice President of Training and Organization Development and General Manager of InnoVisions at the Neighborhood House Association in San Diego, CA. Dr. White brings over 25 years of experience to her work performance. She is an expert at helping leaders to develop a desirable culture and brand identity, as well as hone interpersonal, cultural and leadership competencies necessary to successfully inspire, influence and lead strategic and culture transformation initiatives. Dr. White, a Board Certified Coach, has served since 1999 as an executive coach and facilitator with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). For the second year in a row, CCL ranks No. 4 overall in the Financial Times worldwide survey of executive education. Since 1999, Dr. White has also served as a core adjunct professor at National University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, master’s degree in counseling, and a master’s and Doctor of Psychology degree in culture and human behavior. Dr. White is passionate about and very effective at inspiring legacy living and helping people work better, and better together for the betterment of humanity.